frequently asked questions

What exactly is site selection?

Site selection is the strategic process of finding the right hotel, in the right venue, that fits with the goals and objectives of your meeting. We incorporate our understanding of the various hotels’ marketing objectives as they relate to your meeting’s needs, and aim for a win-win package for all parties.

There are so many companies that do what you do. Why should I select you?

We truly are an advocate for our clients. Unlike many site-selection companies, we have no affiliation with any specific hotel or hotel chain. Because we want to give the client a totally unbiased product that works for them, we refuse kickbacks or commissions for favoring one property over another.

How can Cristoff benefit me and my company or association?

Cristoff & Associates is known in the industry, both by the suppliers and the planners, as a reliable, trustworthy and pleasurable company with which to work. We communicate effectively and return communiqués promptly, we understand the industry, and we research thoroughly, making sure you get the best deal while sharing with you insider information to maximize your efficiency and minimize your costs.

How can you guarantee me no mark ups or hidden fees?

When we put a proposal out to bid, the hotel must sign a document stating that there are no markups or fees built in to accommodate Cristoff & Associates’ commission. We are paid from a separate budget so that our fees don’t affect your rates.

Do you book cruise ships?

Yes, we work with a provider that allows you versatility in group size and cruise style. You can choose a pre-planned cruise with standard destinations; or you can design your own cruise, selecting your ship type and setting your own ports of call.

Do you work worldwide?

Yes! We research all venues and can set you up anywhere in the world. President and founder, Trudy Orlandi, has traveled the globe extensively, all the way from mainland China to the Seychelles Islands, Egypt and Israel. She has studied the vast array of cultures and business practices. Whether you’re planning your meeting in Canada or Brazil, we can help.

Can a client contact the hotels as well?

When we begin a bidding process, we are setting up a strategy on behalf of our client. This initial contact between us and the hotel can be a delicate process. Having more parties involved can take away consistency and confuse the hotels, so we ask our clients to please wait to a predetermined time before contacting them.

Can we use more than one site-selection company?

Hotels work more effectively and give you the best rates when they are dealing with one site-selection company per event. If you are using several companies to competitively bid, the hotel will often get confused, and pull back their best offers, until they know with whom they’ll be working.

What you do is my job…..why would I have you do that?

We think of ourselves as complementing your skill set. By keeping abreast of today’s industry trends, doing thorough research, and presenting you with all the options, we make sure you have all the information to make the right decision for your needs. We can save you about 40% of your time, freeing you up to plan other important aspects of your meeting.

In the past, once I’ve selected the hotel, I sometimes have problems. Can you interface with the hotel on my behalf?

Yes. This is part of the service we offer. From a time management and an informed strategic partner standpoint, we can be very helpful here.